Let’s Talk Clairs-Clairtangency

Clairtangency- Clear touching (psychometry): Give me all the things! Do you enjoy antique stores, estate sale, historic places? Are there times where you’ve been walking in the woods and there’s a place that just speaks to you and you find yourself hugging a tree, picking up every rock, touching everything in reach? Has someone ever asked you to hold something of theirs and as they hand you the item and when your hand makes contact you can feel a sense of what’s going in their life, heaviness or excitement, more about them that wasn’t on the surface? What about those people or places that when you come across them, you just know to avoid contact with?

Everything holds energy, it’s everywhere. That’s why there are places you can visit that make you feel so recharged, other things that hold an energy that make you feel love, excitement, empowerment, drive, and so much more! As much as it can give to us, it can also shift our current energy as well as take from it. It’s as if we were to pick up an item after having a great day and it shifts you to feeling drained or annoyed out of nowhere, where another day you’re feeling a bit jaded and you pick something up and you feel like your day energetically turns around for the better.

This isn’t just about bad luck, good luck, bad energy vs. good energy. It’s about that we leave a mark wherever we go. We leave a piece of us everywhere we go. This is why it’s super important when you are gifted things that belonged to other people, that we are to clear the energy of the past. Making the energy anew, this way so that you can imprint your own wants and the energy that you’re wanting to attract in to the new things you bring in.

Personally I love going to antique stores just to touch things. There’s something about feeling others energy, their story, their emotions sometimes (those are the ones you have to be mindful of especially when you’re clairsentient, as mentioned earlier, we don’t want to take all that home sometimes. There’s something though about connecting with the memory of someone, something, their story, where they’ve been, just feeling things differently than the exchange within a reading.

What I do love about this Clair, is in a reading I can sometimes feel the objects on their possession before we even speak of them. The feeling that someones jewelry is there, or for instance, I remember one time I felt a dogs collar in the room with us, and she pulled out a bag with all her beloved pups items that she had brought and its collar was in there. I’ve felt small urns, photos and so many others things that people like to bring with them in hopes that their loved one will mention it.

Remember way back when, when they used to feel as though souls were captured in photos? Well they weren’t wrong, per-say. Your soul wasn’t snatched up and locked in the photo forever, but a piece of your soul was captured and left an imprint. In Psychometry/Clairtangency, when someone brings a photo in, it’s possible to pull up who it is, their characteristics, you may be able to help them identify those that they don’t know, or even pull the information of what was happening that day or in their lives at that time.

It’s truly a special Clair. One that allows you to learn so much about people, places, connect in a way that is separate from the other Clairs. It’s truly one of a kind! You must give it a try, but like I mentioned if you’re taking it home, keep some sage/smudge with you, you don’t need any ghostly stragglers. Enjoy!

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