Let’s Talk Clairs-Clairaudience

Clairaudience/Clear hearing: Have you ever heard your name called and no one was there? Maybe you’ve even heard music playing in the hall coming from a spare bedroom, yet you know no one is in there… heck there’s not even a radio in there! This is all hearing from an outside spiritual source.  Voices, sounds, music, that are either heard outside of the inner ear or heard mentally within the mind of the clairaudient. Spirit with sound can come through many different ways.

You may hear things outwardly and other times it’s as if you’re hearing the sound within. What I mean by that is it can come forth how we’d sound if you were to say your name in your head or sung the words to the happy birthday in your head, and in doing that recalling the same things you just said in your head, they sound different right? Other times when you’re hearing, it can come through almost like you know the word was there, or you know you heard it, but can’t pinpoint exactly how you heard it or exactly what the word or phrase was.

For myself, I’ve not always “heard” spirit outwardly. I do remember one day, having a whole day where I kept hearing someone say my name over and over, and I’ll be honest it made me nervous. The reason being is, I’d never heard it like that, ever! Not in readings, not in ghost hunting, I really mean never. So for me, I realized it wasn’t something I was really comfortable with.

I had become proficient in Spirit communications and so I knew how to tell and receive where it was coming from, but this time it was different. I still don’t know to this day, who it was, but boy, they got my attention. After Spirit and I had a chat, and for me, I’d rather hear inner ear, not outer, they obliged and it’s not happened since. This helping me to still understand where I’m getting my evidence from, as well as keeping my self safe with spirit.

It’s all up to how Spirit knows they can get it across to you and they do work well and will respect you with enough practice, trust and assertiveness. You are the vessel that Spirit needs and they want to work with you, so you have to make sure you speak up, and acknowledge what makes you comfortable when they are working and what doesn’t. Just like with Clairvoyance, it may come through the same each time, or evolve over time and take many different forms. But in time, you’ll be able to really take on hearing Spirit in whatever form that is.

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