Let’s Talk Clairs-Clairvoyance

What is Clairvoyance /Clear seeing? It has been referred to as second sight. This is where recalling and seeing images, action pictures, ESP, all related with objects, persons and/or events take place. All the while coming from your third-eye region. Sometimes the images can come in as a flash so quick you may not even see if fully. It can come through as “I know that I just saw… without having a full understanding of it. Other times if can come through clear as day, sometimes with full movement as though a quick movie is playing, other times it may be a still picture.

I remember when I first started, I would only see still photographs. As if someone had handed me a polaroid or a 4×6 and it never moved. Over time I started to see them come to life, moving on a projector or someone flipping through a scrap book. Over time I was able to see things a bit more in real time, real life, as though I were standing with everyone on spirit side experiencing it, in real time. It evolved, and for some they see differently than I may even state. That’s the beauty in this work, we are all so different in our connections and interpretations of what Spirit is showing us.

There isn’t a precise way it will come through every time. That’s one of the fun things with Spirit! It’s really up to your spirit team, and how spirit is trying to make that connection with you. It doesn’t allow for anything to be monotonous and boring, which is so awesome.

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