Let’s Talk Clairs-Clairalience

Clairalience/Clear smelling:  Oh how I love this one and yet it can really take us off guard sometimes. This referring to those phantom smells you may get in your house, workplace, etc. These smells come and go so quickly, that it can almost feel as though our mind made it up sometimes. We smell it and when we go to re-smell we can’t find it. A lot of times we smell things that bring back memories, remind us of a time, a place, a memory… bringing back a significant memory.  This can range from cigar or cigarette smoke, flowers that remind us of a fond memory, your mom’s perfume, even the memory of your grandma’s cookies baking at her house and what they smelled like, etc.

I can tell you, this one can bring back some strange memories. I can’t tell you how much I despised the smell of moth balls and still from spirit despise it, especially when I taste the smell it’s soooooo extreme! I’ve smelled death, cookies, pies, my moms perfume, the smell of a nursing home, the list goes on, but man, the smell of mothballs still knocks the breath out of me. I do try and think that Spirit has a funny sense of humor with me when it comes to smells sometimes.

They can happened randomly, some you may not know where they come from, as there are times where we visit unfamiliar places, and we come across smells too. Clairalience has some similarities to claircognizance, it comes in and out so fast we don’t always catch it in that moment. it can be one of those “did you just smell that?” There’s more times than most I want to smell it again to ensure that it’s really there and when I go to pay attention the second time, it’s gone.

At night I’ve noticed it happens repeatedly until it wakes you up. My craziest moment is waking to smelling a fire, but upon checking it wasn’t there. I’d go back to sleep and it would happen again and again. Nevertheless I stayed awake the rest of the night. The following day, in one of my readings, a loved one came through with that same smell! I was able to validate that it was a loved one who had passed in a fire. So sometimes the things you’re smelling may not even be from your loved ones.

This Clair isn’t for everyone, and not everyone has these experiences, and that’s ok. I do feel that with practice and training it is something that can come over time to some, but in my experience in teaching it’s not for everyone, and it can take some real time to come to life. That’s the best thing about Mediumship and Psychism. We are all different and connected to Spirit differently, but the beauty is, we have our own uniqueness and you are going to find yours!

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