Let’s Talk Clairs-Claircognizance

Claircognizance/Clear knowing/Clear thinking:  Talk about spiritual download! Claircognizance is that “you JUST know”, right? I know you’ve been there, when something just comes out of your mouth and the person in front of you is looking at you with their mouth dropped like, how did you just know that??? You’re looking like… that’s a really good question, I just knew. This is that moment in which you just know the information and you aren’t sure where it came from.  It too relates to your 3rd eye but more importantly the crown chakra. 

This Clair can be looked at as downloaded information straight from the Divine Source. Whether that be from your Spirit team, a loved one trying to help out, God, or whoever you connect with up there. Most of the time we never really pause to even ask, where did that just come from, we just roll with it, and hope for the next. There are many who use claircognizance and clairvoyance the same. It’s as if they come through as one when working with Spirit sometimes. In your training and working with your Clairs more, you can and will learn more of how to utilize them as separate entities as well at understanding them together.

I’m sure if you pause and think about it for a minute, you’ve also had those moments when you wished you didn’t know something too. When it comes to your personal life we think of those more, but there have been those times that in working with Spirit and others, that there were things I too wished I wouldn’t have had to tell my clients. You never want to share bad news, or things that you know are going to be ultimately shift in some way, life changing or altering. But when it comes to anything Spirit we are here to bring truths, direction, love, etc. We learn to be tactful in what we say, and in how we deliver it. The most incredible thing though, is the validation that are you able to give to your client, loved one, friends, etc. when you have these moments.

It’s a special Clair, and one that flows so much easier for some, because it just “downloads” allowing it to be just there. Straight to the right brain and the left brain doesn’t even know what has happened. Ultimately taking out the middle man, allowing you to trust in this one a bit more, because you’ve had more practice, well more, over the course of your entire life. Trust is key with all Clairs, while trusting the process without giving yourself deadlines on when you will get the hang of which Clair when. Allow your focus to be on trusting, healing and the growth will come, I promise that.

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