Let’s Talk Clairs-Clairgustance

Clairgustance/Clear tasting: Oh do I have some of the best stories with this Clair! It’s been one that has come with so many laughing tears. Clairgustance is when Spirit impresses the flavors of foods, the pot roast your grandma used to make, cookies, candy, etc, even the taste of cigarette smoke and perfume at times, and let me tell you those last two are not the best coming through, especially the perfume! As mentioned some of my favorite pieces of evidence have been from using this Clair.

A few stories of fun with this Clair. My first was a young girl who had come to see me, and her mom had come through. I said to her, “This may sound strange but your mom is making me taste burnt marshmallows and is laughing.” She ended up tearing up and started laughing herself, and said to me, “My mom and I lived in an apartment, and so we never could have a fire like in the back yard to make s’mores.. So we used to toast our marshmallows over the stove of our gas oven.” Something so special as that, a taste that can bring back that simple yet special of a memory.

See these items you’re tasting obviously are not actually in your mouth.  They are a taste that is recalled from a memory of some kind. It’s taken from the database in your memories itself, otherwise, how would you know what a burnt marshmallow tasted like, had you not ever had one. One of my other favorites was from a Spirit named Charlie, his wife and daughter had come to see me. Charlie had passed some time ago, but boy he was one of the best Spirits I’ve ever encountered. See when Charlie had come through, I couldn’t help but laugh, because the week before this reading I kept craving oatmeal cream pies, you know the old fashioned ones. I ate a box and a 1/2 of them, and yes I can’t believe I am sharing that part.

As we were sitting together, his daughter, wife and I, I started tasting the cream pies. I said ” From the way I’m tasting oatmeal cream pies, he must’ve loved them too.” They both start laughing and the wife started crying and said, “They were his favorite.” Still to this day I laugh about Charlie impressing that on me to eat them so I’d know what they tasted like for the reading with his family. Spirit is pretty awesome I must say. This again is like smells, it’s not something that everyone pics up on, but some do. It’s a great piece of added evidence, if it does come through, but not one that you have to be proficient in, in working with spirit. It’s a bonus if you do!

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