Let’s Talk Clairs-Clairsentience

Clairsentience/Clear feeling: The most common of all and the one that many are indifferent about. Not because they don’t want to feel, but because it’s the hardest to control, no matter how precise you are with your training, and opening and closing of Spirit. It’s especially harder because most of the time, it’s not your feelings or emotions you’re picking up on.

This particular Clair is tied to the sacral and heart chakra, and a lot of times to your root as well.  Gut feelings, emotions are what are felt, where being grounded is a significant part that is needed to filter through what is not yours to help in clearing and filtering out the “other gunk” that doesn’t belong to you.  The feelings of emotions can come over you and be absorb without thought, they just slide right on it and make themselves comfortable. These feelings belonging to someone else can get stuck, making it confusing as to “why did my energy just shift out of nowhere?” “why am I sad all of a sudden?” instances like these. This is where grounding and clearing can become a crucial part of working with and accepting this Clair as a gift and feeling as though it is too.  

I hear many times of day from various clients that they struggle with maintaining their boundaries in handling the empathetic side that comes along with this Clair. Not only the feelings of others, but not trying to not allow themselves to get too invested in things that do not only pertain to them, but have been depleting their own emotional fuel that they need for themselves. The number one rule with being Clairsentient is to always feed your spirit, soul and heart first, and if you have extra to give then you can, but not before you have fueled yourself first.

We are taught as a society to show up or everyone else first, but in the Spirit side of things, especially when working in this field or being to available and open, we tend to drain very quickly. To be the best at using this Clair, working on self-love, self-care, self-healing will ultimately help you to become divine at utilizing and gifting others with the precious give of hold space and giving love.

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