An Interesting Talk About Clairs…

Do you have to know all the claires? Do you have to understand the in’s and outs of each one to the fullest capacity? Does it only make you a credible medium/psychic if you can say, “I’m clairvoyant”, or “I’m clairaudient”? The answer in short is NO. The reason I don’t feel you have to know exactly what is happening in the sense of utilizing and sharing which clair you have, is this reason right here. You are human.

You will not be sitting with a client saying, “My clairvoyance is showing me…” Knowing what your clairs are, is for you, the reader. There will be those times where they may overlap too, and you’ll pause and ask yourself how did you receive the info, and that’s ok. You may after be more likely to say you’re not sure and work off of a feeling (clairsentience), or maybe your just knew it (claircognizance), and here’s why.

When you are working with them, you will find that you will use words like, I felt, I saw, I hear, you will give the understanding of what is happening to you in that moment. There will be those times where you’re more inclined to share that you may see someones loved one, or that you may recognize that you are more clairaudient and share that prior to a sitting or reading with someone.

If you find you are more worried about what clairs, or if you have enough clairs, or if you see things a way someone doesn’t or does etc. you are in ego, and it’s time to shift out. In saying this, it’s about truly trusting the process, the viability of evidence and trusting self in delivering the messages. For example, when you see spirit is it inside your head or outward like you see people, just different? So I ask this because which clair would it be? Clairvoyant or ….?

So, this is where it can get tricky and I’ve honestly it’s just something I personally have pondered and tried to learn with Spirit over time. What I’ve learned is that claircognizance and many of the other claires can very much overlap one another. It’s like I know I saw that, but I can’t put perfect clarity to it, where another time I know I saw it and you’re able to define it in pure detail. That’s where things get a bit interesting because in both of those statements you “saw” something.

Same thing goes for “I heard the word bob”, “I saw the word bob”. Even though I’m saying it as stated and one would think, clairaudience for the first and clairvoyance for the second. For me personally and the way that I receive information, if I were to say I saw a word, it would be that I just know that the word is there, I can feel the word in a sense as it was just downloaded. Yet to a client, it would be perceived as I saw it, because to a client I’m not going to take the time to break all that down in a teachable form. I word it like that, because for me, I understand what it means and I trust how it came in for me. Because for me, it’s how I receive things at times, that are typically heard instead of saw, but it’s how it comes through for me especially for names. This is because Spirit knows hearing isn’t always my strongest suite, however “hearing” with seeing words is easier for me to interpret.

When you begin to learn your claires, or grow them further, just allow yourself to truly know and understand how you the vessel are receiving the information. Yes you are human, but you are a spiritual being having an incredible human experience. With that, allow yourself grace while learning, while growing, while taking it all on and incorporating it all with who you are and the path you are on.

You’ll find the balance in time and how to express, how to share what it is that is currently happening in these times with Spirit, as long as you are in understanding that is all that matters. If in time you feel graced by knowing you have a clair that is stronger than others and you feel that it is how you work solely, then don’t be afraid to roll with that.

I have a beautiful friend in the Spiritual industry who is incredibly gifted. She hears and sees and others things but in her work she uses that she is more “clairsentient” than anything. She predominantly throughout her readings only feels, but when I say feels, she feels everything. The way someone looks, to the way their message comes across, she feels their words, etc.

When you learn you are learning to be of service. You are learning to be present with and for spirit and those that you may want to heal, or even learning to sit with self…for self for healing. Even in writing this, I go back to times where I wanted to learn everything and a dear teacher of mine stopped me and said… “Why do you want to learn everything when you can master what you have?”

For me that was a shocker to be honest. I remember pausing and thinking, well because I love everything. Ha, I was a learner, bring it on! But I really took what he said to heart. I remember thinking that learning everything was making me the best medium I could be. But in truth, I realized this, that in learning I was learning for myself to have an understanding, but I was sometimes rushing Spirit. That Spirit was maybe withholding certain things because I wasn’t ready for them. That in thinking I could figure it all out on my own, was a thing, but let me tell you without Spirit it was just myself trying to play guessing games. I think we all become overzealous because it’s Spirit, it’s magical, but in reality, it was my healing that brought on the gifts that I was seeking and trying to learn externally instead of internally.

“You’re right and when Spirit is ready for me to take on more… I’ll be ready and willing.” This was my mantra after that realization and for me it was truly the turning point with my clairs opening so much differently. Again the healing of self, opens the pathways to the journey that lies within us. The things we couldn’t see before, we are able to see, because when we heal we relinquish the parts of us that we were once afraid to see, allowing room for the light to shine through.

That the things we were afraid to feel are the things that we are afraid to feel within ourselves. The things we’d like to hear, are some of things that we are afraid to maybe tell ourselves, or are things that when we hear them trigger another part of us or our life that needs attention. You see, you can uncover and unwrap every beautiful thing there is within you, but first removing the layers that no longer serve you. We remove these blockages so that when the messages come through, they have new channels to use, there’s a sense of openness and understanding that needs to come forth for us to deliver and interpret the messages from the other side.

Take the clair challenge with me, honor what is there and do the healing to reveal the rest! The most beautiful version of anything, takes time. Love and entrust what Spirit has brought to your awareness and in time the rest will take shape and form, I promise.