How is your spirit feeling?

How is your Spirit feeling? 

 (Exercise Below)

We tend to forget about the spirit being of ourselves when we are moving through life so quickly. 

The physical body is the vessel that propels us forward, gets us up and moving, but if you were to pause is it really? 

With everything we do, our spirit seeks to be heard. It’s the part of you that becomes sluggish internally, it’s the one who ignites the feeling of happiness, bliss, anger, etc.  

When it’s off balance the rest of the physical you senses it’s, the spirit you is the one being easily triggered It senses all that comes, good, bad, happy, sad… the in between. 

If we move to much and keep moving as not to focus on things, to feel things, etc… the body becomes depleted. It’s carrying a heavy load while not being able to fully regrow. Stifled by the broken limbs, the excessive dirt and lack of light. 

It’s up to you to nurture your spirit the same as you nurture your body. Fertilize, weed, replant, and watch the growth. 

Try a small exercise for me!

Take your hands and place them over your heart, one on top of the other. Close your eyes and just breath. How does it feel to just be still? How does it feel, to feel your heart beating in this moment of stillness? 

Does your mind wonder to other things, all the things that are going on with you in your world? Are you able to feel your breath going in and out while quieting your mind? Ask yourself, “how am I truly feeling?”  What do I need to shift?” 

Are you able to feel the lightness or heaviness of your spirit? Are you able to move through some of these feelings and get yourself to where you feel the unwanted energy shift out; feeling a new sense of calm or release?

Relaxing your mind, reminding yourself of your truth, your power, releasing what doesn’t serve you, bring words of affirmation to your being, talking yourself through the feelings of uncertainty, fear, anger, while replacing them with strength, I am worthy, this too shall pass.

A reminder that with all we are experiencing we need to take these moments of stillness to reconnect, remind yourself this will not be the future if we take time to declutter the spirit to give it room for growth.

Tune in and do this a few times a day starting out and then utilize it at least one a week to just have a check in with yourself and listen to those answers and adjust accordingly.