Welcome 2022

Welcome 2022,

Wow can you believe it, it’s here… 

The new energy is upon us, it’s a magical time to take on the world, to achieve new goals, to place new beliefs within ourselves, and set our eyes on the new paths ahead.

So many love the idea of New Year Resolutions, something that has dated back to… I don’t know when, but is something even I myself, had instilled in me at a young age.

What is a resolution to you?  Is it a piece of paper that reminds you of the things you didn’t do last year, or the thing you wished you would’ve accomplished; therefore, we write them down in hopes to achieve them again? Or are they the things we feel we deserve, the things we wish would come to fruition?

When writing your resolutions, especially the ones that you have carried over from the year or years before, have you questioned as to why they weren’t completed last year, or maybe looked at them to understand where they actually fall into the plan, timing, the “why” have I tried this year after year and it’s still not happened behind it?  Looking beyond the surface and without our rose-colored glasses?

We tend to set goals that “we want”, the physical being, the ego portion wants so much more for us than the spiritual us.  When setting your goals let’s first, NOT LOOK IN THE PAST…

If something didn’t come in last year, the years before, stop adding it… and might I add, changing the wording of it, doesn’t mean you made it a different resolution nor will it change the outcome.

What is it your seeking? What is it you really are trying to attract, grow, and manifest this 2022?  Why do you want it?  What will it bring to not just you, but those who know you or you will encounter?

Where does it fall on the priority list?  Did you give yourself a timeline, other than in the year 2022?  What have you thought of in regards to, if it doesn’t work out, how will you feel or what other steps do you have in place, just in case?

When writing your list of “I’d like to accomplish, see, experience, and manifest in 2022” list, I want for you to go back over them and check off some boxes.

Are these of the past, or have I tried these before and gotten the same results?  If your answer is yes, I want you to pinpoint where you can see the errors of your ways.  I want for you to notate the blocks, obstacles that you face each time, where were you mentally, emotionally, and physically? I want for you to view and notate what progress that you did make, highlighting even the smallest piece of success that you did have with it.

Next, when writing your 2022’s why am I wanting this? Personal gain, because you think it will make you happy, or bring something good your way?  Because you believe you just deserve it?  Why?  The real deep-seated question, why?  Now once you have that, I want you to create the best version that could happen, just like a story, and I want you to create the worst-case scenario as well.  

In looking at them both, obviously a positive will weigh much greater than the worst case, but… the key is this…  If either were to happen, what is the next step?  If you were to get everything you wanted, what would come next?  We can’t just stop there, right? So where would you go next, what would you need to continue to achieve or work towards differently?  Where would the next step of growth come from?  And with the worst-case… how will you help yourself through it?  What suggestions and advice would you give yourself to keep that momentum going?  Where can you fix and/or adjust some things to make sure you can keep going and keep working towards it?

See, when we make resolutions, they typically stay within a box.  If we don’t achieve them or we lose our fire along the way we tend to just pause and forget.  Instead of finding a way to keep that fire lit, and that momentum going.  So many of us wait till we know the year is about to be over to really address our resolutions like a fight to the finish line.   Which isn’t usually from the heart.  It’s us saying oh no, well I said I was going to and I didn’t, or we want to try and prove that we can or because we feel if we don’t, we’re letting ourselves down so we do it with is not feeding and fueling or spirit and heart.

With writing them at the beginning of the year, yes, we do have a year to achieve them, but if your soul isn’t really there, it’s ok to let some of them go along the way. We grow in a year, we change directions in a year, and a lot of times it’s for the better.  Minimizing to be able to achieve is the smart way to do it.  I know so many people who write down like 16 things a year.  While I’m sure so many of them are achievable, wouldn’t you rather write down fewer so that you can truly give your best you to it?

  Wouldn’t you rather be in a space where you can see it, feel it, give and take from it to make it the best thing possible?  Even more so, to keep you from running too thin and not having enough to go around to all the spaces in your life?  This way you can always add more goals and dreams as we move further along.  Achieving things, allows you to see things, and gives you the oomph you need to believe you are capable and deserving! 

This year is all about achieving dreams, growing, and manifesting. It’s about believing and connecting with yourself. It’s about taking care of ourselves too within the growth process.

Take a look back at the things you wrote last night or weeks before in preparation of 2022. If you haven’t written anything, now’s the time. And for those who just aren’t feeling it, that’s ok too! Because we all create differently.

But those that are, I hope the above gives you a bit of a push to creating this year!  It’s tangible, it may take time and some will have to fall off along the way to help other things stay.  It’s all a part of the process, but I believe in this year! (Even though I am sure some crazy will come along with it all, but it adds to the excitement) 

I pray you all have the most beautiful start to your year, and if there are things that are holding you up, or are not going as planned just yet, don’t lose sight.  There is so much chaotic energy around and we may need helmets this year still while we learn and move through so much.  It’s learning and growth for the whole world.  In time, it will settle and things will move as they once did, I pray with more precision and love.  But until then, take this year and make it yours!  I have faith in you, now it’s time for you to have faith in yourself!!

To 2022!