Setting & Achieving Goals

Setting and achieving goals internally 1st is your way to…


When we set goals for ourselves, typically we look at the things that are tangible externally first (as they seem easier to achieve sometimes because they aren’t attached to emotions or feelings), second ourselves, and third, we throw it up to God hoping and praying it all works out.  

We think that dreams are only procured with prayer, hard work, and dedication to the project, the goal, the dream.

It’s so much more though, you see the foundation is key to anything in life.  Like a house, if a house didn’t have a foundation, it’d eventually fall over or sink, leaving you will nowhere to turn but rebuilding while trying to make it last longer this next time.

When our foundation within is weak, this can throw blocks in front of us, making it harder to uphold those goals to the level you anticipated.  When we get moving on a project or so hyper-focused on a goal, we tend to get tunnel vision.  We see only what we are after, every move calculated to a tee, while missing those things that are beside us, and/or around us trying to catch our attention.

Somewhere along the way, we can get lost in it.  The reason we get lost in it is that somewhere in us, we’ve decided this is all we need while truly losing sight of what is going on within.  The things that we do tend to notice internally are stress, stress, a hint of fear from time to time, more stress until it’s complete and we see the end goal come to reality.

Before you begin even setting goals externally, we need to check in with ourselves.  What is really going on, where am I today emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, as I am beginning to even envision this new goal?  Why am I seeking this?  Where do I feel I am able to grow personally (this does not mean financially) but as a person?  How could this possibly trigger past wounds and what am I willing to do in regards to this if those obstacles come into play?  How do those around me play into this positively or negatively?  What do I need to do, to ensure that I don’t repeat old habits or patterns?  How am I going to feel if I fully and truly achieve this goal?  What might I do if I don’t?

When we take time to look at ourselves, not only the obstacles we have faced, but the achievements we have made, it allows us to connect with the past and the present equally.  How can I make sure that the foundation is stronger this go-‘round?  What healing do I need to face before we embark on this journey to ensure I am my strongest me?  How am I going to lift myself up if I need to, and how will I continue on if I hit a bump or fork in the road?

You see, you are riding shotgun on this journey of life.  God and Spirit are lighting and leading your way, but it’s up to you to be vigilant around like a good passenger.  You’re looking to make your way to this next level, taking these next steps.  Check-in first with you, get yourself right, get the small nagging voices in check, remove those that don’t support you in a healthy manner, heal from the wounds you carry so that you have room for the blessings that are getting ready to show up and take place in your life.  If you are the most solid you’ve been in your thoughts, feelings, and belief in yourself, you will go far! Don’t settle within, because you’d never settle outside of yourself, and if you have before… you won’t from here out! 

It’s your time to shine! Set your goals within and you my dear are going to be unstoppable!