Do you ever wake up and feel like you need to reset?

In those moments do you feel you struggle to quiet your mind or that every part of your cellular makeup you’re still moving, even when physical being is still?

No matter how much you ground yourself, or pause alleviates the feeling of movement…

In the last two years, we’ve all been going, going, going, and it seems that our bodies have almost triggered a survival response to so much. Therefore, putting our bodies, our minds, our spirit on high alert, a constant feed of endorphins, the high, the low, the uncertainty.  

Constantly hearing everything bad, while watching death and sadness flood our screens, our hearts, the constant wait of what is next.  A waiting game of will I and those around me be ok… a feeling of anxiety that never can be shaken off. 

Resetting… what does that word mean to you?  Say it out loud to yourself right now…

Where do you feel it in your body? Where do you feel it within your heart?  Does it trigger an emotion?

When I say resetting to myself, I placed my hands over my heart and said it out loud.  I took a deep breath in and exhaled allowing my body to process the vibrations from my lungs, the mouth… the movement of my body when I spoke.  

As the last bit of breath from my lungs left my body I felt what the feeling would feel like if I were standing next to someone whose heart was being shocked back to rhythm.  Not the actual feeling of the paddles, but the feeling of how standing outside of it felt.

Watching something outside of myself being reset.  The world around us is triggering to us, yet the vessel we carry is carrying all those pieces of us, that isn’t ours.  We are a sponge, we are a component in this sludge, the heaviness, the sadness, etc. being carried.  We take it on, and with every movement, we continue to move the energy laying it in other places, unbeknownst to us. 

We stay in a constant holding pattern, and even when it’s not external, but internal from our environments, we carry it day in and day out.  

Resetting… what is that word…

Stopping, viewing, cutting ourselves off from certain areas, (i.e., media, toxic convos, etc.)

Resetting is coming back to the first form of being, where we don’t need to know everything, but we need to stay informed. We need not feed into every aspect, yet we take time to educate ourselves on refueling. 

Resetting it breathing and not speaking while knowing those that care will still be there.

Resetting is putting yourself first! It’s about checking in, who am I in the now?  What are the things that are subtracting versus adding?  Is this even “my stuff” that I’m feeling?  Where can I cut back to ensure my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being in these upcoming moments?

I used to be so scared to reset, I feared I’d miss out, I’d lose people, clients, family, friends, etc…

If you woke up today, and the feeling of “I just can’t today” flooded you… listen to it.  This doesn’t mean quitting your job and running away, or staying and hiding in your bed, UNLESS you are able to. What it means though if you have to leave the comfort of your home take some steps to help in that reset.  

Here are a few tips.

Don’t make eye contact – When we make eye contact, we open the door to conversation, to having to show up for someone in an emotional way, we connect with the look in their eyes, which then can lead to giving to someone, even when we don’t have it or picking up their emotions if they are heightened as well.

Turn off the news and social media – We think that only watching happy animal videos is the way to go on social media to help us to keep our thoughts clean, and leave the high/low for something else.  But in reality, we can’t avoid all the others forever. There are many days where it seems so level, and others where it is one big rollercoaster.  During this time, take a break, and try for more than a day, watch how your energy shifts.

Put your phone on silent – Yes, actually put it on silent.  This way you don’t hear the dings, you don’t see the notifications, and you can truly not feel you have to show up for conversations you may not have the emotional capacity for. It also allows your silence to go further.

Make a playlist – Find music that speaks to where you are. If it’s sadness, invoke the sadness further, so you can have a good healthy cry.  If you’re looking for something uplifting, create that list and find yourself in a space where you can dance or move your body in a fun carefree way!

Carry a notepad – During the day as you’re resetting, your mind may begin to wonder, being you have no distractions going on, and therefore it may bring to mind things you hadn’t thought of in some time.  When this happens, write it down so you can go back to it and check in to see, where healing needs to take place, or what do you think it may have come up for.

Fun time – If you are in a space where you feel fun is in order, go do it.  There’s a catch… You must do it alone therefore you’re not masking, blocking, or shoving whatever got you here in the first place down. There is still a need for focus within, so maybe make your fun, a beautiful walk, a run, a drive, drawing/art, something that will still evoke a healing aspect to it.

Take a nap – Take a planned nap, one where you know you are going to lay down, get your favorite blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, whatever…plan time to just close your eyes.  Maybe you don’t even fall asleep, that’s ok too! You can still use the time to feel your breath, check in with your thoughts, your emotions.  Maybe count the dots on your ceiling, I kid.  But just taking the time to just, be still, breathe and see what comes.

Do NOT apologize to anyone throughout the day – NO MATTER WHAT!  DO NOT say you’re sorry for not talking, doing something, showing up, whatever it may be.  This day is for you, to heal, to pause, to reset.  You may use phrases like, thank you for you being so understanding, I appreciate you being patient with me, things like that… but NOTHING where the word SORRY is involved.

Resetting is for you so that you can be present for yourself, and yourself first.  This is all about you! Not in a selfish way, but an incredibly healthy way!

I pray in resetting your feel amazing, recharged, invigorated!!  Believe in your ability to pause, to connect with yourself on a deeper level, to be present in a way you hadn’t before.  The feeling that you will come out with, the feeling of connection with breathing, the wind blowing, the birds chirping, and the way you just see yourself in the mirror after.

Sending you the biggest hug on your resetting journey.