Hi, I’m J.Marie. My passion for God, Spirit & healing, is the added flow through my teachings.

I couldn’t be more excited to have you visiting today! If you have arrived you may be looking for something within yourself, and/or above with Spirit. Let me tell you, this is the first step to many amazing things!

Teaching found me in a way I hadn’t expected over 10 years ago during my work as an Evidential Medium as well as being a mom myself. It’s become such a passion of mine, helping to cultivate others’ gifts, their journey of self-discovery, healing, self-love, and even working with Spirit.

When it comes to teaching the youth, it’s so much more than just spirit. It’s teaching and aiding them in finding their connection with themselves, as I feel spirit is a part of each of us.

There’s beauty in sharing the things that Spirit and God have brought through each one of us. I feel within my heart that we are all blessed to cross the paths of those who are a guiding light here on earth, to help open the pathways to the next steps one is seeking, to help another evolve, to remind someone they are loved, or to even just give a nudge to trigger the belief that they already possess within.

We are a community, we are neighbors, and I find through teaching, seeing the light that may have been hidden within a student finally emerge, it’s the most beautiful thing. The joy of seeing someone grow, seeing their smile get bigger, to see the love for themselves blossom, the healing take place, all the things…This is what it is about!

Today is your day! Let’s make a link with your heart, your soul, body and your mind. I and my team would love to help you, find your connection with self, spirit and your belief above! Today is the day to invest in yourself first, making that connection within your own spirit, soul and heart. As the healing comes, so will the growth in your light. Allowing you to grow a deeper connection with God and Spirit, while igniting the path you were meant to be walking.



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