Psychic Camp – All the info you need and more!

Ages 10-16/17-27

Let’s create a new generation of Healers

Hi, I’m Evidential Medium J.Marie, and for the last decade, I’ve helped thousands to look within, helping them to find their gifts and cultivating their connection with Spirit.

Come join us for this one of kind camp where we explore all things Spirit. Including Psychism, mediumship, haunted locations, exploring tarot/cards, psychometry, the magic of the other side, and so much more!

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What makes this camp so unique?

It was designed with all those seeking spirit in a whole new way. Taking those working in the field already, those who are just beginning, and those seeking to understand what is within them and above. This camp is meant to not only help you to cultivate your spiritual gifts but to give you a space to be your true self! We also will have incredible guest teachers joining both the one-week and two-week camps to share their gifts, have some fun, and leave a lasting mark on your powerful new journey!

Can anyone attend?

Yes! We welcome everyone. We believe that everyone holds gifts within, it’s about exploring through all the various exercises, and lessons while being able to share and learn from each one of you. A collective approach as we all have something uniquely different to share. You don’t have to have previous experience for either, that’s the greatest part, it’s truly for everyone!

What does the one-week-long psychic camp offer for the younger attendees?

For the younger attendees, we start with teaching the beginning fundamentals of how to look inward, meditation, opening their energy up to receiving messages, seeing what gifts they connect to, etc. In all of our lessons, it’s about creating a space where they feel safe. Being a child with gifts myself, I missed out on meaningful connections because there was nowhere I could share them without being labeled the weird kid, and it was very challenging as a child. We’ve created this space for children to truly bond, feeling a part of something, a space where they can share openly with no judgment and be their most amazing selves. We give them the tools to find safety in spirit, how to trust their intuition, and cultivate their spiritual gifts, whether that is mediumship, animal communication, automatic writing, spirit art, moving/manipulating energy, remote viewing, and more! It’s about the fun of spirit, helping others, and the fun of just being themselves. We spend time in nature learning how to connect with the land, listening to the way that energy moves with the wind, sharing stories, and creating a path to their future with their healing abilities. We have so many fun exercises helping them to learn how to feel, hear, sense, smell, etc with spirit.

What differs with the two-week-long psychic camp?

Where does one begin as this one is… INCREDIBLE!! Our two-week-long camp has an elevated touch to it! Not only do we take the novices and the advanced and put them together, but we push beyond the readings, the messages, and the cards and we take this a step further. For this camp, we explore haunted locations, read homes, master the art of psychometry, trans mediumship, mental mediumship, automatic writing, medical intuition, and so much more (I’d love to list them all but we’ve got to keep you in suspense). These two weeks will be mixed with healing, growing, learning, and pure transformation. Although so much of this is about having fun, there is a level of breaking old habits and learning the art of delivering healing messages, how to truly bring healing, laughter, and love, sharing your gifts without ego, and… some challenging competitions sprinkled within! Keeping this one spicy! If you’re ready to take your gifts and put them to the test, this is the one for you!

This is a once in a lifetime experience!

I remember when Spirit came to me and told me to start The Juniper Theory, it was a very surreal experience. I had been teaching for over a decade, and I loved it. I had taught everything from releasing trauma within, reprograming your nervous system, meditation, spirit guides, shamanic journeying, psychism, mediumship, the list goes on.

The Juniper Theory was different though, it was to house not only my teachings but the teachings of others. It was to be a place to transform the standards of spiritual development, where there was depth available, that those that crossed the threshold took away something powerful and beautiful for whatever part of their journey they are/were on. You see spiritual development to me, is a very sacred thing. It’s not about showboating or ego, it’s never been a party trick, it’s so much more.

In creating these camps with Spirit, it’s been about the new generation of healers. Those who are meant to deliver messages, heal the world, and bring light in the darkness. It’s about the fun of getting to know and connect with Spirit, in the midst of all that, learning yourself, healing, growing, and being that magic! It’s about transforming the narrative of what so many thing about the metaphysical side of life.

I can’t wait to personally have you join myself and other incredible mystics, mediums, and healers for this experience that will add to the journey of your life in the most unique way!

With love from above, J.Marie