What is “The Juniper Theory?”

The Juniper Theory was created by Evidential Medium J.Marie and Spirit, with the idea to create a safe and secure space; bringing in the medicinal and ritual like properties of the Juniper, while holding a space of protection with the light of God & Spirit in mind.  A course full of possibilities, healing, tips and tools to allow your development dreams to come true.  

Each mentoring program is designed with your wants, desires, goals, and healing in mind.  J.Marie strives to create all her classes and programs with you the student as the inspiration for her and Spirit to tap in and see the best way to bring your light to the forefront, or to help it shine brighter.  Your healing is part of the journey; as you go to not only heal yourself, but you also gain the knowledge to go out and heal the world in a new way, with eyes full of clarity, peace and love to go around.

J.Marie has been blessed to have taught spiritual development for over 10 years, her classes selling out dozens of time. She strives to teach people how to not only awaken their gifts and cultivate them, but how to bring the healing to self to be a clear channel for Spirit, awakening more within her students and clients to help their journey with Spirit to be one of trust and love.

Private mentoring programs run between 6 and 12 weeks, and will be decided upon once J.Marie evaluates where you are.  J.Marie feels that after these lengths of time, it produces consistency while allowing you to really be able to cultivate a strong deep connection with not only yourself, but an even bigger one with Spirit.  Each program will include guided meditations, homework both inner and outer, self-love and healing exercises, practice exercises (If you’re partaking in psychism and/or mediumship), 2 one-on-ones with J.Marie per month (possibly more is she sees fit).  You will have an evaluation each month to see where you are, and how you are progressing as well as discuss any obstacles you may experience. With these sessions you will have access to J.Marie if you are feeling stuck or a question may arise and you need guidance with the program.  Again, all mentoring sessions are designed with you and for you!  (For those who are partaking in the Mediumship or Pyschism program you will have 2 group sessions to read mystery participants, in addition to practice your craft) and so much more.

Once you fill out the form below, a session will be scheduled for you to have a meet and greet with J.Marie.  This will give you time to discuss and go over how things, as well as tap in with Spirit before you get started.

J.Marie is also offering monthly subscriptions for those who would like to connect with Spirit, meditation, as well as training but would like to access it a bit more freely. There are 3 Packages available. Each ranging with various tools offered. Each offering some or all of the following, based on which one you choose to go with. Including meditations, videos (talks and classes), monthly group readings, Q&A sessions with J.Marie, online development classes (with others partaking) and so much more! To sign up and get information on monthly packages please click the link below.

“I thank you for taking time to connect with yourself and wanting to grow!  Whether it be in your spiritual gifts, healing from grief or wanting to truly connect with yourself deeper… I am proud to be a part of your journey!” – J.Marie

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My reading with J Marie was life-changing. I walked in broken from the loss of my son. I was initially skeptical but within seconds she told me exact details of my loss. I asked her to tell me what I had placed with him at the service. I jumped out of my chair with tears of joy when she described the exact favorite toy from his childhood. She knew the name of my dog and boyfriend. It gave me comfort to know the messages my son gave me through her were real, he is happy, and HEAVEN IS REAL! I have since attended several of her classes and have been amazed at my own psychic abilities learned in the classes with other wonderful “students”. I highly recommend readings and classes with J Marie! It changed my world and my abilities to connect with the “other side”!♡♡♡♡

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