Why Should I Seek Mentoring?

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Hi! I’m J.Marie and over the last ten years, I’ve come across such a variety of people looking to seek development in a multitude of ways. The Juniper Theory allows for you to bring forth your wants, desires, etc. and create a platform for yourself in the Spiritual community, for self-growth, self-love, connection with God, learning how to use your spiritual gifts and so many others reasons as well. Here are a few reason YOU may want to check out The Juniper Theory!!

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Why might you seek mentoring?

The Juniper Theory was created to encompass development, growth and healing, however you dream it to look. Check out the items below, some may speak to your soul and others may not. This is the beauty in this method, it’s completely customizable with you, your growth and your healing all in mind.

Check out some reasons below why the Juniper Theory may be what you’ve been looking for!

Are you seeking balance in your life? Looking to find your center and to feel grounded? When our balance internally is off, the rest of our world becomes unsteady and we can tend to lose focus of ourselves whilst trying to juggle and keep everything else from falling out of alignment. With the Juniper Theory we focus on helping to motivate and cultivate that balance within to ensure that it’s long lasting and beneficial for your growth. This including your mental, spiritual and physical health while strengthening the connection with your heart, spiritual and soul self.

Have you been trying to understand not only your Spiritual gifts, but how to grow and expand them? How to find and ignite that light within that will keep burning? Are you aware of the gifts you have, or knowing that there’s something more but not sure where to start? I remember all too well the feeling of trying to understand what was going on, my whole life. Seeing, hearing, feeling, etc,. the things that I couldn’t explain? With the Juniper Theory we not only will help to identify what those gifts are, but to help grow them while growing your relationship of trust with self and Spirit. This is for those too, who may already have experience with mediumship/psychism and are looking to expand their knowledge and grow to the next level. Really this is for anyone who is seeking to understand Spirit and what it’s all about.

Has healing the past or the present been on your mind? Healing the inner-child is one of the greatest things one can do for self. This process is one that many times we avoid, as revisiting isn’t a place we really ever want to go, especially if pain is still there. Visiting the inner-child doesn’t necessarily mean that we will focus on childhood alone, but we will take a journey to the places that have caused those unhealed wounds. Wounds that have left lasting imprints that too, have caused some blockages. Some of which we may recognize, and others we may not. As we heal the inner-child we begin to reprogram the nervous system while working on healing the entire energy center of the body. This also helping to heal anxiety, depression, grief, as well as restore self-love, growth in our spiritual connections, as well as opening gifts we may not have been aware of before.

Are seeking to find your connection with God and Spirit? Are you feeling as though you are not sure what your beliefs are, but looking to make a connection somewhere? There is no right or wrong with what you believe in as long as you begin with believing in yourself first. In finding a connection with Spirit and/or God we will begin by finding out why are you feeling that call now? We will assess what it is you’re seeking out of this connection while we begin growing it together.

Oh you beautiful Empath, how we all loving absorbing so much not knowing always what to do with it. Would you love to learn how to work with being an empath as well as learning how to use it in a beneficial way?! How to keep fuel yourself first, keeping yourself from feeling depleted? Magic awaits within and the Juniper Theory can help you to understand this gift so much better while teaching you the in’s and out’s of how to utilize this for your growth and spiritual connection.

Grieving is one of the hardest times in a persons life. We tend to shut the world out for awhile, while we just try and gather ourselves together, unsure of what the future holds. Grieving a lot of times can become a cycle of tears, stuck energy as well as lead to depression. How can the Juniper Theory help with grief? It can help by assisting in making connections with the other side, to bring a sense of healing and comfort first. Secondly, teaching you how to productively use what you are feeling to heal self, learn to feel love again, while helping you personally to grow your connection with the other side. This is also for those who’d like to learn how to connect with their own loved ones on Spirit side.

Unsure, but you know you’re looking for something? Looking for a path leading to a new and greater feeling of purpose in life? This is for you! Sometimes we don’t know where we are going while the path we are on isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just not feeling right. Here’s where a little direction, some understanding of what you’d like it to look like, can begin you on the journey of your life. This could be regarding your career, your personal life, your own connection with self, healing of past trauma, and so much more. If you’re needing guidance in where to go, how to get there, and ready to take on something new, this is for you!

Copyright © 2021 The Juniper Theory/J.Marie Shackelford. All Rights Reserved.

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